Located at:

4715 Rucker Rd. Moneta, VA.
Turn off 122 at Fisher Auto Parts, and the RATAC entrance is on the left.

Cost: Field fee is $25.00 for all day play – Saturdays 10am to 6pm.
Rentals: $15.00 for a G&G combat machine (includes 1 fully loaded magazine, battery and paintball mask)
Violating this rule will result in your rental privileges being revoked.
Rentals may receive fresh batteries for free if their battery dies.


Age/Eye Protection Rules:

Full Seal Eye protection must be worn. Eye Protection WILL be checked prior to entering field.
For anyone under the age of 18 a full face mask/cover protecting the mouth and teeth is required.
Over 18 – it is HIGHLY encouraged to protect your face.


Under the age of 18 – requires a parental signature on waiver. 12, 13 and 14 year old players must have a parent/legal guardian ACCOMPANY/PLAY with them during game play at all times.
No one under the age of 12 is allowed to play, no exceptions during regular hours.


The field may be reserved for players under the age of 12.
These players must have an adult/legal guardian accompany them on the field.
Please contact management for reservation details.

FPS Rules:

All guns will be chronographed with store ammo prior to game use.
All FPS is measured with .25 gram bbs

CQB/ Close Engagement:

Rifles, Pistols and Shotguns shooting below 325fps have no minimum engagement. 0ft MED
Field AEGs: FPS cannot exceed 400fps. Rate of Fire must be below 18 bbs per second.
Minimum Engagement Distance with airsoft guns exceeding 325fps is 50ft. No firing at other players under 50 feet.


Players using rifles that exceed 400fps with a .25 must receive a sniper card to exceed field FPS limits and must obey by designated sniper card rules.
Maximum FPS allowed is 550fps.
Players must have their sniper card on hand at all times.
Minimum engagement distance is 100 ft.


FPS range 401-450fps .25g bb
Semi Auto Only and 100ft MED

Sniper Card:

Sniper cards will be provided to players that use rifles that meet Bolt Action Sniper and DMR AEG rules.
A player using a gun requiring a sniper card must keep this card on their person at all times.
A player may be asked to present their sniper card to a referee at any given time.
Failure to produce a sniper card/playing without one will result in an immediate removal from the game, further consequences may be implemented depending on the severity of the violation.

HPA Rules:

Roanoke Airsoft allows HPA rifles such as Wolverine, Polar Star and Valken V-Power.
HPA guns must adhere to strict controls in order to play on the field.
In addition to complying with posted field rules – HPA guns must have their regulators locked and have their FCU ROF set to 18bbps or lower.
HPA users must comply with any Referee’s request to be chronographed at any given time.
Violation of HPA rules will lead to immediate removal from the game and a potential ban from playing at RATAC Battlefield.
Roanoke Airsoft and RATAC Battlefield is committed to allowing HPA weapons to be used in a safe, responsible manner, and has a zero tolerance policy for players that seek to abuse these very adaptable and flexible airsoft guns.

Field Rules:

Cold burning smokes grenades are allowed.
Field may prohibit the use of smoke grenades if field conditions are too dry.
Field Management will post/state whether smokes are allowed.
Explosive Grenades purchased at Roanoke Airsoft are allowed.
Thunder-B grenades are considered a sound device.
Legitimate Airsoft mines and claymores are allowed.
Roanoke Airsoft is not responsible for these items being lost or stolen on the field.

Guns must have their magazines removed and the gun cleared prior to exiting the field.

All boundaries will be clearly marked around the borders of the playing areas.
Markers will be blaze orange paint, orange ribbons and orange paracord.
Any player leaving the designated field boundaries will be subject to expulsion from gameplay and/or banned from the field indefinitely.

Safety Killing:

Safety killing is allowed on the field, and should be encouraged to prevent potential injury.

Safety killing with a weapon proceeds as follows:
If a player has approached enemy player from behind, and is within ten feet of said player, he/she may initiate a safety kill.
The player must yell “SAFETY KILL” loudly and clearly.
Phrases such as “Bang bang” or “Pow” are not considered safety kill terms.
The enemy player then may choose to call the safety and call themselves out.
If that player chooses to refuse the safety kill, then CQB rules must be obeyed (semi, below 300 fps.) and game play resumes as normal.

Knives and other simulated weapons (nerf):
A player may tap another player with a rubber knife or simulated weapon to perform a silent kill.
Players are not allowed to stab, strike or otherwise aggressively assault another player in the attempt to perform a silent kill.


  • NO removing of eye protection at any time for any reason on the field. Eye Protection can only be removed once a player has left the field or is in a designated safe zone.
  • NO mesh goggles. NO shooting glasses. Players using questionable goggles may be required to rent a proper eye protection at the Referee’s discretion.
  • NO Blind firing– this will not be tolerated.
  • NO shooting the referee on PURPOSE– this will not be tolerated.
  • NO intentional fire upon any vehicle on the field. Vehicles are used by Field Staff for management operations and are not to be shot at.
  • NO arguing with the referee. The Referees REIGN SUPREME on the field. Any issues with the Referee must be brought with management off of the field.
  • NO stabbing/jabbing/hitting players during a safety kill.
  • NO shooting in the parking lot, staging area, vending/retail space or any other area that is not a designated shooting zone.
  • NO going out of bounds. Boundaries are brightly marked in blaze orange.

VIOLATION OF THE RULES may result temporary/permanent loss of your privileges to play on the field.


The following items are strictly prohibited; anyone found carrying any of these items is subject to immediate ejection from the field and could result in a permanent ban.

  • Firearms and Live Ammunition
  • Any blade longer than 4 inches
  • Mace, Pepper Spray or other form of chemical weapons
  • Fireworks and other incendiary devices
  • Potato guns or other improvised projectile devices using compressed/combustible materials
  • Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs)


Aircraft Drones are strictly controlled items at RATAC.
If you wish to use a drone, you must consult the field manager prior to bringing your FAA Registered Drone and receive permission.
RATAC/Roanoke Airsoft reserves the right to request you to halt using your drone at any time.
Drones flown with permission should be operated in a safe manner and not interfere with players/staff.
Drones flying over RATAC Battlefield without permission are subject to FAA rules and regulations – and can be destroyed in protection of private property and privacy.
Drones that land on RATAC battlefield will be confiscated and returned at the owners expense.

Printable Waiver